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Your Only Source in the Digital Age...

This statement is not just words, this statement is action!

Our story starts out of a need.  We started because we felt compelled to do something different.  In 2003, our founder was faced with a dilemma.  Where could he go to get a computer with everything he needed without having to go through the hassles of dealing the extra stuff he did not want?  Where could he get the powerful machine, the aesthetic attention to detail without wasting space from all the unnecessary programs, advertisements, and hang ups of off the shelf computers?  The answer, build it himself.  From that point on Reflection Technologies, now Reflections Digital Life was created.  Our company stood on the principles of giving customers what they want in a custom built computer without having to deal with the stuff they don’t need that just adds to the cost.  Let your money pay for what you want not what you don't! 

Today, we have changed our name to accommodate our many customer requests.  Their quest for custom gifts and clothing to event ideas to tablet repair to technology training and advice has all been answered.  Our company grew based on conversations with our customers. We listen to our customers and assist with their needs for an easy affordable answer to their problems, ideas, and dreams.  Customer service has allowed us to grow and we continue to grow because of our customer needs.  Let us have a conversation with you and assist you with your problem, idea, or dream.  We are truly your only source you need in the digital age.

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