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Create it, Brand it, Wear it

You have an event coming up?  Need apparel or event swag?  We can handle that too.  We are your one source for embroidery and sublimation.  We can bring your idea to life or create one for you. Call or Text with our design team and lets come up with the perfect image, slogan, logo, or brand for your business or event.  After that, we can add your logo our creation, to shirts and apparel, pens and swag, and / or giveaways and gifts. We offer both Embroidery and Sublimation. What's the difference? Read below.

Design & Embroidery

At Reflections Digital Life, quality and service is at the forefront of everything we do.  When choosing us for your designed you will be given the best service and attention. Our embroidery service is no exception.  Embroidery is the art of decorating materials and fabric using needle and thread. The craft of creating art on apparel.  The thread is stitch into the fabric to create words or beautiful designs.  Embroidery is great for special occasions like babies first birthday or for businesses and corporations who want to add an extra level of professionalism by adding their logo or brand to clothing. Give us a call and share your ideas with us and let's bring them to life together.

Design & Sublimation

If you are in the need for your logo brand or creation to be added to a wide variety of things such as plastics, ceramics, metal, and polyester apparel then sublimation is what your looking for. We do that too!  What is sublimation?  Well to keep it simple, it is the method printing on objects where the printed colors are transferred directly onto an object by a chemical process.  The process takes the printing ink from a solid-state to a gaseous state and back to solid state embedded in the object.  The results are brilliant hues of color and gradients that last longer than screen printing. Let's talk about how this process would work for you if you would need sublimation or embroidery or both.

Reflections Embroidery.png

Want to see our embroidery and sublimation? Click the image to visit our ETSY shops!

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